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Buchumschlag Heinrich Pichler, Kongo, Report, Verlag Liber Libri Wien 2008


An eyewitness account of the dramatic events in the Congo in the 1960s and insights into the historical developments

Heinrich Pichler
Congo – A Live Report

140 Seiten, 20,3 x 14 cm, paperback
With many b/w-pictures
€ 19,80/sfr 36,00
ISBN 978-3-85481-102-2
Verlag Liber Libri Wien
Publication in english language

About the book

In this book, Heinrich Pichler offers an immediate insight into the crisis in the Congo in the years 1960 to 1965. From a different angle, his mother describes her unforgettable impressions of the country and the people she won during a visit there. The picture is rounded off by an overview of the political events in the Congo, short biographies of the important political figures and the tasks and prospects of the UN mandate.
In this impressive eyewitness account, the Congo is shown as exemplary for decades of destabilisation after the assassination of the leading democratic politician, but it also points to the opportunities that exist despite the civil war and the need to contribute to stability and democratic developments.

About the author

Dr. Heinrich Pichler, former UN-diplomat and chief of many missions, was acting in the Congo from 1960 to 1965, among other tasks, as Executive Officer for the Congo Fund of the UN-mission (ONUC). He has been assisting for years with the preparation and holding of democratic elections (for the UNO, the OSCE and the EU) and working in leading positions for the UNO in Latin America and South East Asia. Furthermore he is board member of the Austrian Institute for Latin America and conveys in lectures and newspaper articles informations about international developments.

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